Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Fun

It appears that it was a little too ambitious of me to go from no blogging for 11 months to trying to blog daily. It's proven to be an especially difficult goal for me during this hectic holiday season, and the added complication of camera woes did not help! Be that as it may, here's a few pics to try and compensate for the many days I've missed of the December Photo Project!

Today Caleb and I went to visit Santa in the nearby shopping center. Caleb was very excited! I wondered how he would do when we actually got there. In the past, Caleb's enthusiasm turns to anxiety when close-up with a childhood icon.

Santa's coming! Santa's coming!
Of course he's on the Nice List!
But Caleb did great! He told Santa right off the bat, "I'm four!" Then he told Santa he wants a doughnut for Christmas. I think Santa can probably accomodate that wish! After we left Santa's workshop, Caleb told me, "I was so brave! I didn't even cry!"

Aftewards, we headed towards the "town center" of the shopping area, where they have a little road train that rides through on the weekends. While waiting for the train, I snapped a few pics of Caleb by the huge Christmas tree they have there.

Christmas Posin'
This is my JC Penny pose.

Christmas Cheesin'
I brushed my teeth extra shiney just for this pic!
Caleb loved the train ride, of course! It wasn't our first time riding the land train, but he never gets tired of it. He would wave at people and shout, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" like he was the fat man himself!

Train Ride
I own this train.

It's been a very busy Christmas season. I think I was so focused on hosting Thanksgiving for the first time that I just totally forgot to prepare myself for Christmas, so it's felt very rushed this year. I HAVE to start shopping/wrapping earlier next year!

But it's nice to be able to take a break from all the craziness to enjoy a little silliness with my most favorite reindeer of all!

Silly Reindeer

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