Sunday, January 03, 2010


Caleb loves cars. Actually, Caleb loves any mode of, truck, buses, boats, planes, trains, bikes, name it, he's a fan.

But cars are the easiest to carry around (and, unfortunately, the easiest to lose. The count of lost cars in the month of December was five. Out of those five, 100% of them were brand new Christmas gifts.) Even with five men down, our house is still filled with cars.

He likes to push them around, race them on any surface, and make motor noises for them. He likes to announce what cars he has. As soon as he walked into the nursery at church today, he held up his Dinoco blue Lightning McQueen and announced, "I got Yakeen!"

He's really keen on lining them up very neatly, as seen here, and then running at them and smashing them all together in one big movement with his arms and yelling "CRASH!"

The only thing Caleb doesn't like to do with his cars is share them with other kids!


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