Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toddler Sleeping Habits

As I type this, it's 8:33 pm in England, and I can hear my 2 year old flicking his light off and on and just generally messing about in his room. He's been "in bed" for about a half an hour and stil isn't asleep.

I did the routine. Medicine (for ear infection), diaper change, jammies, brush teeth, books and bed. (No bath tonight. We're an every other night kinda family at this age.) I let him pick his three books, read to him, said our prayers and said goodnight. He fought and fussed and got out of bed once, but it hasn't been an all-out war.

But why is he still not asleep?! I checked all the boxes that usually work, did the song and dance, paid my dues...his part is just to fall asleep! How hard is that?! I spend most of my day wishing it was bed time already! Sheesh! I feel like I can't move onto the next thing (getting ready for tomorrow) until I know he's out. So be out, already!

I don't have a picture of him not sleeping, but here's one of him the other day. I generally put a body pillow on the floor in case he falls out of bed. The other night, I guess he did, because this is how I found him the next morning.

Ahhhh...he's out of bed again. Pardon me while I go attempt to get this kid to hit the sack. *Sigh*

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