Monday, January 25, 2010

Wonky Ear

Did I ever tell you about the time I got a wonky eye infection that wouldn't go away? If you're a Facebook friend of mine or someone I know in real life, chances are you already know. But if you don't, here's a brief synopsis.

Right before Thanksgiving (last week in November), I came down with a bit of an eye infection in my left eye. Puffy lid, red eye, just general eye discomfort. I was given drops by the eye doc and went on my merry way.

Two days later, I was hit by a pretty nasty head cold that took me out for a few days. In an attempt to deal with the symptoms of the head cold, I was taking things like Sudafed and Mucinex, not realizing they would not only dry out my sinus cavities, but also rob my eye of the moistness it needs to...well, be an eye. In other words: OW.

This went on for two weeks, this crazy eye infection. It was like pink eye on crack. And steroids. At one point, for some reason the eye doc couldn't explain to me, the top layer of my cornea decided to take a vacation. That's right, it just...left. Let me tell you, that was painful.
Finally after no less than five trips to the eye doc in two weeks (including a visit on Thanksgiving day), it cleared up. The cornea healed slowly but surely, and my vision is fine now. Hooray!

The only lingering thing I have from this debacle actually has nothing to do with my eye, but my ear! My right ear is still full of fluid to this day (two months later!) from the head cold that I had at the same time. It's really annoying. There's a near-constant ringing in my ear, and my hearing is sufficiently impaired in that ear -- enough so where I don't like using the phone with that ear and sometimes can't hear Caleb crying if I'm asleep laying on my good ear.
So I finally went to the doc today to get that checked out, and essentially he said there's not much they can do about it! He told me to wait a while (apparently two months isn't long enough!) and if it hasn't cleared up in another month, he'll refer me to an ENT doc, where they may discuss putting tubes in my ears.

Seriously. I am 30 years old and discussing the possibility of tubes. Whuuuat?! Isn't that what five year olds get?
It's been a wonky year, health-wise. I've had a couple of ear infections, quite a few colds, a weird (but benign) bone grown on my knuckle, and cracked-out eye infection, and now a Eustachian tube in my middle ear that just won't drain. Oh, and a diagnosis of psoriasis on my elbow!
Is this what turning 30 is all about?! Seriously, I just think it's a bit premature for my body to go all bonkers on me. Isn't 30 the new 20 anyway? Could someone tell my body that?!
I really should shut my mouth. Because in all honesty, I have really great health with a few annoying hiccups, and I'm super, super fortunate and blessed to have all the faculties that I do have. And I do realize that. It just felt like an odd collection of wonkiness that's been popping up this year.
So we'll see how this month goes! Maybe one day, my Eustacian tube will just decide to open up again! If not, then I guess I'll meet with an ENT at some point!

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