Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Z's

So you probably wouldn't know it by the content of this blog, but I actually have three kids. There's that Caleb kid I talk about all the time, and then there's my other two adopted children. I'm that cliche bad mom that stops taking pictures of the older two right about the time the baby comes around. Fortunately, I have quite a stash of pics of them already.

I forgot to blog yesterday and wish my dogs a happy birthday. They turned 7 yesterday. Seven years of Zeus and Zoey! They are goofballs, but I love my pups.

Zeus is a trouble-maker. He's clever and mischevious and loves food (much like his momma.) He'll do anything for food and will eat anything remotely edible. Don't ask. It gets pretty gross. In his seven years, some of the more appetizing things he's eaten have included a bag of Skittles, half a dozen chocolate doughtnuts and my birth control pill (I guess he forgot he was fixed!) He may be naughty, but he's also very loyal. The last time my husband deployed, he spent many nights whining and waiting for him by the front door.

Zeus is also an attention hog. He must be greeted by everyone who comes through the door, and his preferred method of greeting is to jump and lick. Annoying I know. He can't not be petted. If your foot is elevated at all, he will rub his neck along your foot in lieu of the pets he feels he shold be getting. He is notorious for squeezing into the non-existant spot between your back and the couch.

Zoey is the alpha dog in the house and a bit of a diva. She's smaller, not as strong, and, well, to put it nicely...not as clever. But she's still the boss. She puts Zeus in his place any time he thinks of asserting himself. She's also the sweeter dog. This is why visitors like her more. She's much more mellow than Zeus. She's great at cuddling. Where as Zeus has to "nest" himself in to a spot and can spend ages getting comfortable, Zoey is comfortable as soon as she's near someone warm. And while sweet Zoey would never initiates trouble, she is happy to be Zeus' accomplice if he needs help finishing off a half dozen chocolate doughnuts.

Zoey likes to have her ears rubbed. She's also a little...hairless. Well, only in certain areas. She had some sort of viral infection when we lived in Georgia that pretty much stripped her of the hair on her back. Luckily, her skin is the same color, so it's not super obvious until you get close. As a result, she LOVES wearing her Packers hoodie when it's cold, where as Zeus hates his hoodie.
Zoey is also only moderately house-broken. It's really more of a case that Zeus IS housebroken, and by default she goes out often with him. If she doesn't go out with him, she's terrible about letting us know she needs to go and is prone to accidents.

Seven years of Zeus and Zoey. It would have been hard to imagine when we first picked them up at sweet, roly poly puppies. They've lived in a few different states and survived an international relocation. Caleb loves them to death, even if he does torment them a bit. They are good sports, though, and are very patient with his crazy toddler ways.

Happy birthday, pupppies!

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  1. I was just wondering about Zeus today. How is his leg doing?

    I am going to be getting another IG puppy soon to be a buddy for my Bianca. She needs someone to play with since the cat won't play back.