Saturday, January 02, 2010

Movie Time

Day 2/365! It's on!

Today we took Caleb to the Cineworld theater in Bury St Edmunds for his very first theater movie. He's a huge fan of the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. (Me? Not so much.) So when we heard there was a sequel...err, a squeakquel, apparently...we thought this might be a good opportunity to try a theater with him.
This Caleb, pre-movie, wearing Lightening McQueen shoes, McQueen shirt, and holding both regular and Dinoco McQueen cars. Overboard? I don't know the meaning of the word!

This is my wonderful husband scraping the ice off the windsheild while Caleb and I warmed up the car. Thanks, babe!

And this is Caleb overwhelmed by the candy options at the theater. We eventually decided on strawberries and cream cone-shaped candies that were okay.

Caleb actually did pretty well at the movie. He wasn't heavy enough to keep the theater seats down and kept getting folded up, so he sat in my lap most of the movie. Unfortunately, when I left to use the restroom, he wanted to follow me.

When I returned, Tommy and Caleb were waiting on the edge of the theater for me, and after that, he wasn't willing to return to his seat for about ten minutes or so. So I spent some time trying to prevent him and his blinking McQueen shoes from running across the front of the theater. Luckily, after a bit, he was willing to return to my lap. I may or may not have lured him with popcorn.

We went to the movies with some friends from the squadron. They were on the same Paris trip we went on over Christmas and Caleb loves their kids. He thinks their son is the funniest person alive!

On the drive home, it began to snow! Big, fat, beautiful flakes that my husband said reminded him of peices of bread. (??) It lightened up for a bit, but it's snowing again as I type this! I'm hoping we'll get enough to make another snowman since Caleb love singing Frosty the Snowman. This is me from our front door.

And now seems like a perfect time to curl up under a blanket and read a book. So on that note, have a great day. See ya tomorrow!

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